More on Intelligent Design (cont'd)

Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species     Biologists at Tufts University have succeeded in inducing one species of flatworm to grow heads and brains characteristic of another species of flatworm without...

The Insult King

I AM pretty good at insulting, but let's face the truth, Trump is the real insult king. :)

Cyborg Plants!

Scientists implant electronic circuits inside plants   Scientists in Sweden have developed an ‘electronic’ rose by implanting circuits inside the vascular system used to distribute water and nutrients in the plant.   Researchers at...

Donald Trump 2.0: Now with even more Trumpy!!!

Donald Trump has turned it up to 11.   That's the only conclusion I can draw after watching and listening to the Republican presidential front-runner over the past six days. Beginning with what was rightly described as a "95-minute rant" in Iowa...


It is more like the extinction of the species and not the survival of the species...   Thanks to a single tooth, scientists are now sinking their teeth into a human family tree mystery -- exactly who were the Denisovans?   ...

China's bold push for Intelligent Design

New kinds of dogs, goats and monkeys are being made quickly, although scientists voice worries about ethics and whether the methods should be used on humans.   China’s western Shaanxi Province is known for rugged windswept terrain and its coal...

The lightest metal ever

Microlattice is the lightest metal ever to be invented - the structure is 99.99% air!

Third Sphere Falls in Spain, Area Put Under Quarantine

The mystery of the black spheres falling from the sky in Spain is getting deeper as yet another of these space balls fell from the sky in the same area where two others appeared in less than two weeks. No explanation has been given for these strange...

Brain structure - root of apathy

Can't be bothered to read on? It might be due looser connections in your brain:   Scientists have found evidence of a biological basis for apathy in healthy people. Research could shed light on the way some people become pathologically...

Paris Under Siege!

Powerful Friday the 13th so far, with Paris under Siege and a large Earthquake in Southern Japan and a mystery object falls to Earth

Group reality and mob mentality

If you're in a group and susceptible to mob mentality you may be worse than a psycho! This has now been proven by brain scans!!!   Psychos may be responsible for the death of some but mob mentality is responsible for the death of many!!!


Many blogs, threads and posts here are about judgments and the fear of being judged. It is like most people fear being judged! WHY?

Plus-size model told she's not fat enough

Body acceptance is a big issue, and Katie H. Wilcox is on the forefront with her mission to embrace all sizes and shapes.