Voter Fraud!

With all this voter fraud in Texas, etc, with machines switching the Trump votes to The Devil (several times), the lousy PC mass media decides to only focus on a stupid woman in Iowa that was arrested this week on suspicion of voting twice for Trump...

Final Exodus!

This latest FBI bombshell was probably the last nail in the coffin for the liberals who post here! But I will still do the final poll here on Dec 31st/Nov 1st. :)   ..and I also just read that Wikileaks is still not over!!!

The Hidden Trump vote

They're not exactly the Nixon era "silent majority," but both Republican and Democratic pollsters claim that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump showing up in some polls.     The Trump campaign on Sunday stated flatly there is a "big...

Putin says: Trump speaks for the people

  Russia's Not Playing Favorites but Trump Does Speak for the people   Of course Trump speaks for the people (the 99%) since The Devil (Hillary) speaks for the 1% ruling elites...

The liberals are abandoning the ship here!

Fascinating to see how the liberals are abandoning the ship here as the Nov election quickly approaches now!   Like I have not seen a new thread here @USA Politics from a liberal for awhile now!!!

More pro-Trump Vets

Unlike that nobody here, real vets are pro-Trump. :) Donald Trump Receives Bay of Pigs Veterans Association’s First Ever Endorsement   On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the endorsement of the Bay of Pigs...

A message from God to all Trump voters

Go all out and vote.   Keep an eye on the election rigging and report it immediately to the police if/when you see it.   This way you will be able to defeat The Devil and her worshipers. :)

Trump leading in Florida...

Trump leading in Florida less than two weeks before Nov 8th...   Update (10/30/2016):  Trump +4 in Florida now after the FBI bombshell and just 9 days before the election!!!


Truly fascinating to see the lousy PC mass media already gloating two plus weeks in advance like The Devil has already won! Damn!!!