Hitachi enters the pre-crime market!

What if the future of law enforcement doesn’t involve faster, more forceful responses to crime—but rather, a surefire way to predict it?   Hitachi, the Japanese tech giant that makes everything from elevators to security systems, seems to have...


Yet another word that the political correct (PC) media wants to ban! LOL!!!

'The Martian'

Very interesting, Hollywood releases 'The Martian' at the same time that NASA announces water on Mars! :)

Blindsight Consciousness

When Daniel first walked into London’s National Hospital, ophthalmologist Michael Sanders could have had little idea that he would permanently alter our view of human consciousness.   Daniel turned up saying that he was half blind. Although he...

Interactive threads

It is very interesting to see that there is only a minority of interactive threads here   So, and including the spam "title only" threads, the majority of the blog threads here on the new blogs explore and update pages have little...

Bird Man!

In a remote mountain village high above Turkey's Black Sea coast, there are villagers who still communicate across valleys by whistling. Not just whistling as in a non-verbal, "Hey, you!" But actually using what they call their "bird language,"...

Even more progress in Intelligent Design

A team including the scientist who first harnessed the revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 system for mammalian genome editing has now identified a different CRISPR system with the potential for even simpler and more precise genome engineering. Read more at:...

The Player!

NBC's latest action drama stars Wesley Snipes in a story about billionaires who have created a machine that predicts crime!!!

Active spammers and blockers

It is very interesting to notice that the number of active spammers and active God blockers continues to grow here and is reaching the majority right now!

The pope in America

So the pope visited the President and will visit and address Congress tomorrow but those tyrants in their black robes (SCOTUS) do not want to meet the pope in his white robe. :)

Re-Engineering Viruses

Stanford researchers have ripped the guts out of a virus and totally redesigned its core to repurpose its infectious capabilities into a safe vehicle for delivering vaccines and therapies directly where they are needed.   The study reported...

Female Snake in Missouri Performs 2nd 'Virgin Birth'

Very interesting that it is a snake who is performing "Virgin Birth"!   For the second consecutive year, a female yellow-bellied watersnake at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center in Missouri managed to birth offspring without the help...

Village where little girls turn into boys aged 12

In every way, Johnny is physically and biologically male. But, astonishingly he did not grow a penis until he hit puberty.   He is one of many children who live in Salinas, an isolated village in the southwestern Dominican Republic, who...

I AM full of it

My wife says that I AM full of it.   Well, I do fully agree with her that I AM indeed full of it. :)