The Best of Two Evils!

That's just BS! There is only one (1) evil in this election. Hillary Clinton - The Devil. Look, it is actually very clear, you are either voting for The Devil or for someone else who is not The Devil.

Ryan Lochte in DWTS!

Inviting Ryan Lochte to be in Dancing With the Stars clearly shows you that Hollywood and the lousy PC mass media love to glorify and promote the liars!!!

Trump continues to extend his lead in the polls now...

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by roughly three points in the latest USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Daybreak poll.   Trump earns 45. 1 percent support in the poll, while Clinton is at 42.3 percent.   According to the poll...

Presidential Debates

Since all of the momentum is now shifting towards Trump (Clinton cash et al), the lousy cunts and assholes of the PC mass media are now putting all of their eggs in the Presidential Debates basket. :)

The Rise of Alternative News Media

It is truly fascinating to observe how the rise of alternative news media is fully exposing that liberalism is indeed a huge mental desorder.   I already knew that it was a mental disorder but I was not fully aware of how extensive it really...

The Presidential Race is Tied right now - new poll shows

The 2016 presidential race has tightened into a statistical tie between Democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton at 42 percent and Republican Donald J. Trump at 41 percent, in the latest Breitbart News Network/Gravis Marketing poll of 1,493 likely voters....

Assange hints of Sept/Oct surprises

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised he's not done leaking information that could be damaging to Hillary Clinton. During an interview this week with Fox's Megyn Kelly he said the documents would be "significant" in perhaps turning the tide of the...

The media war is escalating now!

Hillary Clinton (The Devil) and the Clinton News Nerwork declare war on alternative news media!!! :)   Hillary Clinton declares war on the hard-right faction of conservative news media    

The witch's achilles heel - Minorities

No wonder the Clinton News Network is completely obsessed with Trump going after the minority (Blacks & Hispanic) voters and being a little softer on immigration! It destroys their "all-white" anti-Trump narrative!!! :) LOL!!!