The Lousy PC mass media

To the fools here: Look, the lousy PC mass media, aka, MSM or Corporate Media, is on the side of the Deep State and the ruling elites and as such they are NOT on the side of the people and/or the truth.   CAN YOU GRASP THAT ?

Trump back in the Swamp

He needs to chase down those treasonous leakers and fire them ASAP!   President Pushing Big White House Changes... Developing...

A Home Run

Trump hit a home run with his 1st Foreign Trip, so no wonder the lousy PC mass media (MSM) is now also attacking his son in law... :)

Trump goes to NATO

..and tells them straight to their faces that they all need to start paying their fair share... :)

What American is now...

Was predicted in 1958.   You must really see this video. It will blow your mind!

UK Attack

The UK seems to be full of fools, so no wonder they were just attacked by ISIS! :(

Single White Women!

I got this from SINGLE white women against the Wall=73,5%  Hispanics against the Wall=70,5%  I think the same happened in Troy: single women let the horse in. 

White House Daily Press Meeting

The White House took their Daily Press Briefing off TV as a response to the lousy PC Mass Media (MSM) treasonous behavior and for now they are holding it with no TV coverage. Nice... :)

Demonic Threads

The Brn2bfree threads here have become nothing more than a cesspool for demons and child predators and as such worthless.

Deep State War

We are in a open War now. A War that will decide whether the American People can remain free and able to help determine the destiny of our Nation or the Deep State survives to take our Nation in directions that require no votes, no democracy and no...