How Zika Virus Hides To Move From Mother To Baby

While the Zika virus often causes disease without symptoms in adults, it has become notorious for its link to microcephaly — a birth defect where infants have an abnormally small head.   Women infected with Zika can transmit it to their unborn...

Closed User Groups

It is fascinating to see how this web site "evolved" (degenerated) into a bunch of closed (private) user groups!   I would say that the never ending flood spam and soft spam posts have definitely contributed to that but the public blogs and...

Unusual UFO!

Video of a strange object in the sky near a military base in Dayton, Ohio, had the internet buzzing Sunday over whether it was a UFO, "Fox & Friends" reported.   “It looks like it’s moving with the clouds,” a woman is heard saying on the...

Never Hillary!

WASHINGTON (AP) Donald Trump's best ally in winning over skeptical Republicans is turning out to be Hillary Clinton.   Having overcome a multimillion-dollar "Never Trump" campaign aimed at blocking him from the Republican nomination, he's now...

Trump does it!

Trump gets to the magic number before Hillary! :)   TRUMP SEALS THE DEAL: Scores nomination thanks to unbound delegates

Mercury Transit

Today, May 9th, Mercury passed directly between Earth and the sun, producing a rare transit of Mercury's inky-black disk across the solar surface. Images of the event are pouring into our image gallery from around the world. Browse and enjoy!

Bending over backwards

You don't have to bend over backwards in order to satisfy Me. You can just bend over in a more normal and natural way... :)

Bathroom laws

Why is the lousy pussified PC mass media all up in arms with these bathroom laws!?

Tea Party

Now that the lousy virus (Tea Party) is on its way out of the new Trump Republican Party maybe they should join the Hillary Democrats in order to infect them and screw them out! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats in full panic mode

Now that Trump will be the republican nominee the democrats are in full panic mode since Hillary is still struggling against Bernie... :)   Furthermore the pussified PC mass media is completely clueless now in terms of what to say since they...

Delusion at its best!!!

The SEC said on one of her blogs/threads that "Trump is cut from the same cloth as Hillary" so I had to repost that bizarre statement here for futher debate...

National polls

Now that both Scruz and Kasich are out all of the national polls are going to start changing in favor of Trump over Hillary... :)