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WOW! Despite all of the hacker/spam attacks and errors and bugs and memory limitations and slow performance, etc, etc, this damn web site is still alive!!! :)

Where did Earth’s nitrogen come from?

Take a deep breath. About 78 percent of the air you inhaled is the most abundant pure element found on Earth. Besides its role in the atmosphere, it’s used in all sorts of products: fertilizers, propellants, you name it. It's also an essential...

Extreme Weather = Climate Change

Case in point here in California: December 2014 - Wettest month ever on record for some parts of California. January 2015 (only one month later) - Driest month ever on record for some parts of California.

Wearable Devices

A body motion energy harvester, with the flexibility and elasticity to be applied to high-flexion joints and suitable for integration with fabrics, is being developed by researchers at Sogang University in Korea. The design is aimed at providing power...

It feels like Spring

While the East Coast is being pounded by snow storms it feels like Spring here on the West Coast as the Trees start flowering and the temps increase from the 60's to the 70's... :)

Spamming & thoughts (cont'd)

So it is Monday and joeyconstanza and the other sweet spammers are back! ..and I can't even open Myposts (old threads) pages right now! ..and this web site is extremely slow today!


Breeding dogs is the best example of design and 3rd party manipulation and the fact that evolution is wrong.


Very quiet here right now! So is this the quiet before the storm!?

Deflated Balls!

Sarah Palin has called out Beltway Republicans for “deflated balls.” Pointing to the New England Patriots as a cautionary tale, the conservative starlet warned her party to stand up to President Obama's agenda.   Sarah Palin rips...

Groundhog day

Man 'trapped in a time loop' crippled by extreme déjà vu for last eight years   A 23-year-old British student has spoken of being “trapped in a time loop” after one of the most unusual cases of extreme déjà vu has crippled the last eight...

Central Banks

So what will the central banks (Fed, ECB, IMF, etc) do next as the fiat currency wars intensify!?   Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control

I AM God and therefore a Light Being

In all actuality, I AM code (data) encoded in, and being carried by, a wave of light and therefore in frequency and over time. But while on Earth I AM a light "quantum" being trapped in a material body.   ------- So, and before you also...

Richest 1% to own more than everyone else put together

We all know the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer — but the inequality gap may be widening faster than you think. Within two years, the top 1% will have more wealth than the remaining 99% of people on the planet, a new study...

There is no real recovery for the 99%!

Even with the on-going manipulation of oil, fiat currenccies and the stock markets!

Smart shoe devices generate power from walking

German researchers have built shoe-sized devices that harvest power from the act of walking. The technology could be used to power wearable electronic sensors without the need for batteries. There are two separate devices: a "shock harvester"...

The Swiss are up to something!!!

SNAPSHOT: The Swiss National Bank’s surprise decision Thursday to do away with a cap on the country’s currency sent the dollar, U.S. Treasurys and gold higher. U.S. stocks slipped on disappointing earnings by Bank of America and Citigroup. Oil fell...