Milo brings pedophilia to the mainstream!

Milo Yiannopoulos has come under fire for advocating sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men.”   Milo Yiannopoulos disinvited from CPAC slot amid tape controversy   The right-wing provocateur says he 'deeply regret[s]'...

Anti-Trump Bitches!

How come the loudest anti-Trump bitches around here are foreign (Australian, British, etc)!?   I AM open to your ideas on this? :)

White House Leaks!

US Secret Service Director "Joseph Clancy" Stepping Down! This must be part of the #Trump 's Flynn/leak readjustment!!!

Even the Socialists are kicking CNN out!

Venezuela Kicks CNN Out Of Country For Creating FAKE NEWS! The Panama Post is reporting that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has officially expelled CNN from the country after the news network once again w...     ...

Hate Speech

Have you noticed that it is the Trump haters who complain about hate speech! ABP!!! :) LOL!!!

Tim's mind must be well Cooked then!

Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Fake news' is 'killing people's minds'   Apple CEO Tim Cook has a dire warning about the effects of "fake news."   "We are going through this period of time right here where unfortunately some of the people that are...