Unity and Integration

Based on what I read here and elsewhere I see no room for unity and integration within the United States right now. The borders need to be secured and the globalists need to be annihilated first.

Double Standards

A woman was discussing with her husband why women that go out with many men are considered to be sluts while men that go out with many women are not. So her husband explained it to her like this: Well honey, if you have a padlock that can be opened...

Dutch Election

I knew that the globalist establishment would keep power in Holland due to the strong German connection (Globalism Central).

A divided GOP

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is dividing the GOP!   Grassroots Conservatives to Rally Against Ryancare     …RYAN CONSTITUENTS TURN ON OBAMACARE 2.0… …TRUMP ECLIPSES SPEAKER’S POPULARITY IN HIS DISTRICT…     ...


The number of repulsives that post here @thoughts.com is truly mind boggling!

PI Day

I still don't understand how Pi is 3142. AM I missing the point? ---- 3.14% of Sailors are PI rates! ---- 3.14159265 people walked into a restaurant. They sat down and ordered pi. ---- In Alaska, where it gets very cold, pi is...

System Collapse

The best thing for Trump to do right now is to completely reorganize Government since it is impossible to negotiate with the left.

CO2 not a Pollutant

Finally someone from the USA Government speaks the truth. :)   EPA chief unconvinced on CO2 link to global warming