Virgin Birth!

"Virgin Birth" Record Broken by Hotel Shark!  

2012: The end of this age/era!

Since 2012 just started I will use this thread to document the various events throughout 2012 that reflect the end of the present age/era precession macro cycle. With the OWS revolution still around, the economy still unravelling and, of course,...

2011 Box Office Revenues!

Overall box office (movie) revenues were very low in 2011 and this weekend lack luster debut of Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol,  Alvin and the Chipmuncks and Sherlock Holmes shows that the Holiday season is not going to be that good...

The integration of virtual reality!

The integration of virtual reality with natural reality takes another major step forward with Anybots! :) Robots let employees work remotely

The human mind!

This thread will address various details of the human mind program...and here's a great start: Some People Can Hallucinate Colors at Will which is a very specific example of mind...

A new Universal Model!

It is about time for the orthodox to finally update their silly views of what a uni-verse is all about! :rolleyes: This is because: "Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result" - which is that "the team which found that neutrinos may...

Stock Market Manipulation!

Stock Market manipulation continues to increase on a daily basis and showing us now a very clear sign of socio-economic instability! Like today the U.S. Markets Entangled in EU Crisis: Dow Plunges More Than 300  


Please post your UFO's here: This one was caught by a camera at an NFL game... :cool:

The motherboard!

The "mother"board ..and why computer voices are mostly "female"... :)


How appropriate, the same day that Obama is going to talk about jobs this happens! LOL!!!   Also, CNN was recently reporting (last night I believe) that 38% of men don't have a job these...


11:11 is a digital clock synchronization beacon and much more... Have you experienced it!? Check this out from the primary clock keeper:

Artificial Intelligence

It is here... :) Along with Watson, etc...   +1 (Neo)


The true power of action-reaction is that it fully separates the man from the child... :)

Intelligent Design!

It is amazing to me how the evolution fanatics take the extra step to try to deny Intelligent Design (ID)! Case in point, the debater32 dude starts a thread on Intelligent Design here but blocks access to the one! LOL!!! ...